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Thursday, May 6, 2010

So I have this cd -what do I do with it?

I decided at the beginning of this year to offer the option to purchase the cd of all of your images for you to print as you wish. Most artists think this is a travisty to give away their hard earned work to be easily distorted and not printed correctly. There is always a bad that will go with the good but I feel that this method will best suit my business practice. And let's face it time is money and I have a family to raise also and placing orders can be extremely tedious.

If you follow my blog I will fill you in on lots of neat ideas and methods to print your portraits yourself. The printer I highly recommend for professional prints and impeccable service is . When you purchase a session with cd from me I will provide you with instructions on how to print from them.

So what are some of my favorite ways to print photographs other than your usual 5X7 in a frame?


My favorite way to print a photograph is what is called Mounting.

When you choose the size that you want you simply check the add mounting for an extra fee and this will provide you a hard backing to display on an easel, or hang from pretty ribbon, or the ideas are endless....

This is a display I have in our playroom-3 pictures (2 9x12 and 1 10X10). I simply got the EZ hooks in rust color and then got an inexpensive curtain rod to place across it. I got curtain hooks and clipped to the picture. Very modern and unique!~ AND THRIFTY! Total to print about $30 and hanging display about $40.

Apparently someone at HGTV loves this idea too- I found this picture on one of their nursery design pages. Isn't it SUPER CUTE! I have visions of something similar in my little girl's room with butterflies!

Also I LOVE Storyboards!!! LOVE THEM! They are such a fun way to incorporate several images from your session. Once again choose your printing size and then add mounting. You can display on an easel or frame. I can design a storyboard for you starting at $15 and up. To print only costs about $10-$20 mounted depending on size.

This is one I did for one of my besties of her and her daughter. It turned out BEAUTIFUL and I was so jealous I didn't have one of me and my angel!

(20 X 10) storyboard
This is a rather large size- the image doesn't do it justice but I don't have a copy of the printed version. Trust me it was AWESOME!

And here is a 5X7 version I inlcuded with this 1 yr session. So sweet!

There is an option for stand outs which is a neat alternative to a canvas. This is photographic paper placed onto a 1 inch backing that is ready to hang on the wall. Or you can stand it up on its own. There are several examples of these at my display at Lott Furniture in Mccomb.


There is nothing more beautiful than your child's portrait on canvas- truly a work of art.

I just received one I ordered in the mail from MPIX that is breathtaking. However, this can be a little tricky to order because you have to ensure you do not cut off any imperative parts of the picture. If you wish to have a canvas it is best to order them through me via a different distributor that is also extremely affordable. We make sure that the correct size and dimensions are ordered.

So these are just a few of my favorite options for printing your photos. Be sure to sign up to receive my blog through your email and I can share any other nifty craft ideas I am sure to come across in my blog stalking!


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